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Am I too old or disabled to bug out and survive? – 10/21/15

No, my father-in- law was not a blacksmith, but his father was and he has spent many hours watching his father work and was a vast resource of knowledge. If you still have your hearing, then you can listen to the radios for information on what is read more...

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Raising Small Livestock And Honeybees At Home – 10/15/15

We will be able to harvest early in the spring, if everything goes well.

Of course, you will need to start with step one which is making sure you can legally raise homestead type animals on the property. The problem is you live in a neighbo read more...

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Want To Be A Happy Camper? Read These Tips!

The joys of camping! Spending time in nature can provide a great getaway for couples, a single individual, or families. Camping is a fantastic way to enjoy nature and all it has to offer, if one is well prepared. Look at the following advice to le read more...

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Thoughts on Pre-made Emergency Preparedness Kits – 10/13/15

Dont add your name onto that fatality list.

Have you ever used an emergency preparedness kit from Canada?

No, I have not. If youre in a desert, youre going to need a lot more water than a person stuck in a rain forest. Just dont go o read more...

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Preparedness Quick Tip #46 – Fill it with Water – 10/10/15

Get more Preparedness Quick Tips at Momwithaprep.com/quick-tip/" width="400" height="600"/>

Use the grey water (that water that isnt good for drinking yet doesnt need to be boiled to be safe) for things like flushing toilets, washing clothe read more...